Focusing attention on Special children

Largest Human Green Ribbon formation.
Largest Human Green Ribbon formation.

To fulfil the wish of their DG M Muruganandam, D 3000, to begin this Rotary year with a project involving special children, Rotarians from the District identified children from 21 Special Schools in Trichy. But soon the number swelled to over 1,000. “As we wanted the project to be inclusive in nature, the students of National College, Trichy were also added,” says Rtn R Anandha Jothi, Director – Special Projects from D 3000.

The project soon became an iconic one, and as the numbers swelled, an attempt was made to make this a record-breaking event through the formation of the largest human car. “The Guinness World Records organisation has accepted our proposal and agreed to consider it as an Official World Record attempt. The Largest Human Car image formation was executed with a total of 1,660 persons, including 550 special children, 1,000 college students and 110 Rotarians,” he adds.

Such events will highlight the problems faced by special children and the need to sensitise the community on their special needs and challenges.
— DG Muruganandam

The Evidence Report has been sent to Guinness, and the certificate is awaited.

Another record was also attempted through the formation of the ‘Largest Human Green Ribbon’, by 800 special children, their teachers and parents, taking the total to 1,100.  The Adjudicators of the India Book of Records were on the spot and a certificate was issued. This attempt has been referred to the Limca Book of Records for Certification.

DG Muruganandam says both the events were organised to “highlight the problems faced by special children and the need to sensitise the community on their special needs and challenges.”

Top IPS officers, retired Judges, sportspersons, educationists and Rotarians, including the DG, participated in the event, which caught media attention and will serve to enhance Rotary’s public image.

“The DG had planned 15 similar events across the District, involving differently-abled children and transgenders,” added Jothi.

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