Flaum CEO to receive 80th Rochester Rotary Award David Flaum set up a Bob Witmer Campership Fund to provide a free summer camp experience for one child each year.

Rochester Rotary Award winner David Flaum and his wife Ilene.
Rochester Rotary Award winner David Flaum and his wife Ilene.

David Flaum, CEO of Flaum Management Co, was recently named the 80th recipient of the Rochester Rotary Award.
Rochester Rotary (New York, District 7120) is honouring Flaum for his philanthropy, his work to elevate the quality of life for people in the community and his commitment to Rochester Rotary Sunshine Campus. He and his family established the Bob Witmer Campership Fund, a lifetime endowment, in 2016 to provide a free summer camp experience for one child each year.
Mayor Lovely Warren, three-plus-one CEO Joseph Rulison and Foodlink executive director Julia Tedesco supported past Rotary President Ken Pink’s nomination of Flaum for the award.
“David Flaum has demonstrated a high degree of community spirit and has contributed significantly to the development of the landscape of the city of Rochester,” Warren said. For nearly two decades, Flaum has been a key partner of the city of Rochester and has been instrumental to the viability of numerous city properties.
“He has always chosen to help others without being asked, with the goal of making the lives of those in our community better and more successful,” Rulison said. “For every act of kindness that David; his wife, Ilene; and his family have shown — and the community has celebrated — there are surely another dozen acts that have gone without notice or fanfare.”
“Over the span of decades, David Flaum has made his mark across the Rochester landscape, all the while demonstrating a strong drive to give back to the community and spread that desire to others,” Tedesco said.
The Rochester Rotary Award recognises community members who personify Rotary’s “Service Above Self” motto and who demonstrate community spirit, touch the lives of citizens, serve as a role model and share knowledge to empower others.
“Since 1936, Rochester Rotary has honoured a citizen who has made a significant contribution to business, professional, cultural or civic life of our community,” said Donna Dedee, president of Rochester Rotary. “This year, we are delighted to be presenting the Rochester Rotary Award to David Flaum, a tireless community advocate and philanthropist who embodies everything this award stands for.”
Rochester Rotary will present the award during a reception from 5 to 8 pm on May 31, 2017 at George Eastman Museum, 900 East Avenue, Rochester.

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