Epping Rotary Club raises money for hospice through Golf Day The fundraiser has been running annually for 13 years, and has raised £150,000 for the hospice since 2004.

A cheque was presented to St Clare Hospice after a successful golf day.
A cheque was presented to St Clare Hospice after a successful Golf Day.

A charity raised £14,000 for a hospice after a charity day.

Epping Rotary Club (London, UK — District 1130) presented a cheque to St Clare Hospice at a meeting on Tuesday, June 13, after raising the money through a Golf Day, held at Saffron Walden Golf Club.

The Golf Day has been running annually for 13 years, and has raised £150,000 for the hospice since 2004.

Chief executive of the hospice, Sarah Thompson, said: “It is a privilege to have such dedicated supporters as Epping Rotary Club, and it is thanks to events like their golf day that St Clare is able to continue to provide the care that we do to local families across west Essex and the borders of east Herts.”

Club president, Barbara Scruton, said: “Once again the golf day was a resounding success and raised a significant amount of money for our local hospice.”

“My thanks go to everyone who helped organise the event, took part and supported the day so generously.”

“We are well aware of the magnificent work done by the staff at St Clare Hospice and the Rotary club is delighted to support their efforts with our golf day each year.” 

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