Drought-hit farmers get a helping hand from Rotary Through fundraising activities and raffles, the RC Kurri Sunrise was able to raise a good amount to help farmers who are having a tough time due to drought in Australia.

GENEROUS: Kurri Sunrise Rotary's Col James, Ann James, Merriwa CWA President Penelope Fenley, Kurri Sunrise treasurer Ann James and president Des Mills. Photo: Submitted
GENEROUS: Kurri Sunrise Rotary’s Col James, Ann James, Merriwa CWA President Penelope Fenley, Kurri Sunrise Treasurer Ann James and President Des Mills. Photo: Submitted

While it is a tragic fact that many of our farmers continue to do it tough in the midst of the drought, thankfully, there are big hearted people in the community willing to help out.

And that’s exactly what members of the Kurri Sunrise Rotary Club (New South Wales, Australia – RID 9670) have been doing.

In October last year, six members from the club joined with 55 Rotarians on a coach trip to Merriwa on a trip that was dubbed ‘bugger the drought.’

“It was to see first-hand how the farmers of the district are battling drought and what we can do for them,” Kurri Sunrise Rotary Club President Des Mills said.

“They are proud people who are doing it tough but won’t put their hand out or don’t want charity.

Mills added that the group eventually raised around $2000 via raffles and other fundraising activities with the windfall being presented to Merriwa Rotary by the District Governor.

If that wasn’t enough, treasurer Ann James applied for funding through the Channel 9 Fighting For Our Farmers Drought Appeal, on behalf of the club and the application was successful, netting the club with a grant of $10,000.

Late last month, the group headed back to Merriwa with the money, $5600 of which was used to pay a freight bill of a local farmer while the remaining funds were spent on purchasing Visa debit cards that Mills said were given to the Merriwa CWA to distribute to those most in need.

Mills added that the debit cards were a great way of boosting the local economy during these tough times, as they could only be spent in the town, supporting local businesses that need a boost.

Source: The Advertiser

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