District Scores – February 2015 issue


RC Kumbakonam Newtown

RI District 2980

An RO water plant along with ­accessories was erected at ­Venkatramana Aided School, Karuppur to provide the students clean and hygienic drinking water.


RI District 3000

A cardiology camp at Pudukottai Rotary Hall, organised by the ­Rotary clubs of the District in association with Apollo Speciality Hospital, Trichy benefitted about 100 people.


RC Delhi

RI District 3010

Students of the Interact Club of ­Maharaja Agarsain Public School were taken to the Rashtrapati ­Bhavan to meet the President of ­India, ­Pranab Mukherjee. He encouraged the students to actively participate in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.


RC Vijayawada

RI District 3020

The club in association with Vasavya Mahila ­Mandali ­conducted a medical camp. Around 500 people were tested for cataract and gynaecological issues.


RC Nasik East

RI District 3030

Cleanliness drive to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was conducted. Students of Aarambh Mahila Maha Vidya Mandir actively participated in creating awareness.


RC Indore

RI District 3040

National Association for the Blind along with the club inaugurated a musical band Rotary Aatma ­Anubhuti Nab Band and also ­distributed books to underprivileged ­children.


RC Mandvi

RI District 3051

In a move to avoid accidents caused by the high beam ­reflection of vehicles, the club in ­association with the ­local ­traffic police department ­pasted ­headlight stickers on vehicles passing by.


RC Jaipur Capital

RI District 3052

The annually conducted homeopathy medical camp tested and treated young girls and senior ­citizens for various health issues.


RC Sardarshehar

RI District 3053

To encourage village children continue their education, Rotarians ­distributed ­education kits at a government school in the region.


RC Navsari

RI District 3060

Special screening of the movie ‘I am Kalam’ was organised for underprivileged students to motivate them to aspire for a better future.


RC Kapurthala

RI District 3070

The club along with Bharat Vikas Parishad organised an artificial limb fitment and measurement camp. Over 400 needy physically-challenged people benefitted.


RC Narwana

RI District 3080

To beat the cold and attend school comfortably Rotarians distributed woollen sweaters to needy students of the Cluster ­Model School, Dablain.


RC Samana

RI District 3090

The club conducted an eye camp at Aggarsain International School. Over 200 students were tested and treated for eye disorders.


RC Srinagar Garhwal

RI District 3100

Ceiling fans were donated to ­Bhagvati Memorial School, ­Children’s Academy and the ­Government Ayurvedic Clinic in the region.


RC Kashipur

RI District 3110

Cardiologists from Teerthankar Mahaveer Hospital and Research Centre Moradabad and IMA Kashipur executed a cardiac check-up camp organised by the club. About 250 poor patients benefitted from this camp.


RC Gorakhpur Midtown

RI District 3120

Supporting Rotary India Literacy Mission, Rotarians conducted a photography exhibition under the topic, Literacy.


RC Kharghar MidTown

RI District 3131

Second-hand bicycles were collected and donated to students in different parts of the region. This has made coming to school for them an easy task.


RC Ahmednagar Central

RI District 3132

The club conducted a ‘Stop Child Labour’ rally to spread awareness about child labour.  Around 100 girls participated in this rally.


RC Dombivli Uptown

RI District 3140

The club adopted 48 students from Adiwasi School, Karjat. Educational kits for the entire academic year were distributed to them.


RC Hanamkonda

RI District 3150

Rotarians conducted entertainment programmes for HIV ­affected children. Over 250 ­children received gifts.


RC Hiriyur

RI District 3160

Co-sponsored by the club, ­Department of Public ­Instruction and INFOSYS, Bangalore, 170 computers were donated to ­primary and high schools in the region.


RC Kurundwad

RI District 3170

An ambulance and a hearse van were donated to Kurundwad town to assist poor and needy people.


RC Parkala

RI District 3180

Pillows and bed sheets were donated to the inmates of Sri Krishna Old-age Home, Kodavooru to provide better sleeping facility for the senior citizens.


RC Bangalore Lakeside

RI District 3190

The Rotarians have adopted
a park in the locality and installed various important facilities for the benefit of the people there.


RC Cochin ­International Airport

RI District 3201

Rotary Olympics, a sports event for ­differently-abled students was jointly conducted by the club and Rotary Clubs of Cochin West and Kaloor.


RC Dharapuram

RI District 3202

RYLA programme at Bishop Thorp College was conducted to enhance the leadership qualities in young boys and girls.


RC Kottayam Southern

RI District 3211

The club conducted a medical camp at Pongamthanam Upper Primery School. Students were educated about healthy habits.


RC Dhalavaipuram

RI District 3212

An eye camp for poor and needy people was conducted by the club. Around 21 cataract surgeries were performed.


RI District 3230

Twenty one Rotary clubs participated in a traffic awareness programme. The initiative was executed with the help of a group of transgenders stationed at various traffic signals, creating awareness on road safety.


RC Gauhati South

RI District 3240

The club in association with ­Inner Wheel Club of Gauhati East conducted a cancer ­awareness camp.


RC Pataliputra

RI District 3250

To support Rotary’s literacy programme, Rotarians distributed school bags to underprivileged students.


RC Rourkela Central

RI District 3261

A painting competition which had a participation of 400 students served as a public ­image enhancer for Rotary in the region.


RC Purulia

RI District 3291

More than 13,000 poor and needy people ­benefitted from a comprehensive medical camp conducted by the club.


RC Tulsipur City

RI District 3292

The club undertook a major cleanliness drive to help enhance sanitisation and hygiene in the city.

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