District 3131 shares Membership Secrets with District 1270

L to R: PDG Terry Sykes and Mrs. Sykes, Sonia and PDG Deepak Shikarpur, DG Wendy and Mr. Watson.
L to R: PDG Terry Sykes and Mrs. Sykes, Sonia and PDG Deepak Shikarpur, DG Wendy and Mr. Watson.

PDG Deepak Shikarpur, RI District 3131 participated as RI President’s Representative at the District Conference of RI District 1270, United Kingdom held at Yorkshire during September 2014.

Rotary District 1270 consists of 47 Rotary clubs spread across north and south of The River ­Humber — from Barnsley in the West to Cleethorpes in the East and Lincoln in the South to Beverley in the North. Over 1,500 Rotarians attended the District Conference. The present Governor of District 1270 is Wendy Watson. She is a retired government officer.

One of the major challenges faced by Rotary in UK is depleting membership.

During his visit, PDG Deepak visited three clubs and had several meetings with senior Rotarians in the District. He explained in detail the membership development model that he practiced in his District when he was serving as the District Governor during the Rotary year 2013–14. He presented his successful models of membership development such as Satellite clubs, Hybrid e-Clubs, Corporate clubs, Next Generation and spouse membership during his interaction at the District Conference.

DG Wendy appreciated these inputs and said that she plans to increase membership in Yorkshire using some of these concepts. Conference Chair PDG Terry Sykes in his mail to Rtn Deepak had stated that his inputs at the Conference and the clarity with which it was presented made the experience interesting for the ­attendees.

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