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622_Discover-SeoulTour Jeju, the Fantasy Island

Designated as a UNESCO National Heritage Site, biosphere reserve, and global geopark, Jeju Island has amazing sights and experiences to offer. From a walk through Dokkebi (Goblin) Park and Bijarim Tree Forest to a visit to the Dragon’s Head Yongduam and Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone, lap up the breathtaking beauty of Jeju. Discover the legend of Seopjikoji rock formation and enter the lava-formed rock palace of Manjanggul Cave. A 3-day tour package, Jeju Island Tour is a popular programme among local Koreans as it offers many tastes only available in Jeju including a plethora of fresh seafood and meals made in traditional Korean pottery bowl (Ttookbaegi).

Bukchon Hanok Village Tour

If you want to learn about and experience the history of Korea, an all-day tour titled ‘From Traditional to Modern — Learn about History’ is recommended. You will get to live the past and the present walking through a village filled with traditional Korean houses called ‘hanok.’ Experience the beauty with all the senses as you walk around various artisan workshops and museums. Enjoy a cup of tea and relax in Insa-dong as well as craft traditional Korean jewelry as a souvenir.

Ancient Palace Tour

There are endless activities and places to visit in Korea that if you are short on time, take advantage of the half-day tour programmes. Experience the 600-year history of Joseon Dynasty with the World Heritage Palace Tour — the true beauty of Korea. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace which has the Geunjeongjeon Hall that inspired the 2016 RI Seoul Convention logo. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and known as a place of rest for the kings, Changdeokgung Palace and its rear garden boasts the beauty of traditional Korean royal garden.

HOC Tour Programmes

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Pictures by Korea Tourism Organisation

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