Desi cooking in German kitchen

Chef Debabrata Mukherjee providing a demo.
Chef Debabrata Mukherjee providing a demo.

When you blend Indian cooking and German technology, the result will be some amazing mouth-watering dishes. In a live cooking demo organised by Häcker Kitchens, in association with Siemens, celebrity chef Debabrata Mukherjee from Mumbai demonstrated how even the most indigenous recipes can be cooked with ease using German kitchen technologies. And in a few hours, Mukherjee’s fine culinary skills brought out a sumptuous display of Indian food ranging from paneer barbeque, masala fish to stir-fried vegetables, chicken dim sum and cookies.

According to Mukesh Kumar, CMD, Kanu Kitchen Kulture, the retailer of Häcker in India, many Indian customers have apprehensions about desi cooking in German ­kitchens. “So, we organised this demo in our showroom to prove and clarify such doubts, over a casual interaction with our patrons. ​”

“It was quite an experience for me, learning to cook scrumptious recipes in a state-of-the-art designer kitchen with the best appliances to support,” said Arun Kumar Jain who attended the event. “The kitchen is the most important area in my house and Häcker just makes the experience magical — clean designs and modern aesthetics with great storage.”

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