Dental care for special children

Rotary Club of Indore Meghdoot, RID 3040, in association with the Government Dental College, organised a free dental check-up camp at Anubhuti Vision Seva Sansthan that takes care of children with various disabilities. A team of eight doctors examined around 70 special children for various dental ailments and 30 of them were recommended treatment for various deficiencies. All children detected with dental problems will be provided free of cost treatment at a private hospital, said Club President Ghanshyam Singh.

Dental screening being done.
Dental screening being done.

Dr Vrinda Saxena who headed the team of dentists pointed out that “most of the students were not ­taking proper care of the teeth. A major issue common in the students was deficiency of essential vitamins which was adversely affecting their teeth.” The club members also helped ­doctors teach children and their ­parents about oral hygiene. To ensure that the ­students practise healthy oral habits, the club distributed dental kits to them.




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