Coca-Cola teams up with Rotary to End Polio


Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs and Communications, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan and ­Afghanistan making the ­announcement at the Convention as IPPC Chair Michael K McGovern (right) and ­Pakistan’s National PolioPlus Committee Chair Aziz Memon look on.

At the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Coca-Cola Pakistan reiterated its support to Rotary’s polio eradication efforts in Pakistan by announcing Rs 10 ­million for the cause. The money will be used to provide seven solar water filtration plants at Karachi, Sindh and ­Nowshera, the high risk regions of ­waterborne diseases, and thereby check the transmission risk of pathogens such as the polio virus.

Coca-Cola is partnering with ­Pakistan National ­PolioPlus ­Committee since 2012 to fight the disease in the country by carrying polio awareness messages on their bottle labels and billboard sites. The two organisations are jointly working towards a cleaner ­environment, better sanitation and providing clean drinking water for the people by installing RO plants. The partnership between Coca-Cola and Rotary is in line with the company’s CSR strategy to enhance community well-being through the provision of safe drinking water.

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