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District 3201
The Rotary clubs of Coimbatore, in association with GEM Medical Trust, have initiated the ‘Care for Life’ project to provide free cancer screening and treatment for underprivileged people of the southern States. While the hospital has offered to waive its charges, the clubs and the Trust will share the expenses for the consumables and medicines.
RC Cosmopolitan Ahmedabad D 3051
These Rotarians are promoting literacy on various fronts — providing television sets and DVD players in three anganwadis; enrolling village elders for a three-month adult literacy course; adopting the century-old Bhopal Prathmik Shala School, where sweaters were donated to the students and the school was equipped with e-learning facilities.
RC Karwar D 3170
The club, along with RC Karwar Seaside and Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune, organised an artificial limb fitment camp at Karwar. The camp that cost Rs 10 lakh benefitted 100 physically-challenged people from the surrounding districts.
RC Hiranandani Estate D 3142
The club has adopted a novel way of fundraising this year. Club President Roopali Deshpande and spouse Shailesh Deshpande visit Rotarians’ homes and chant the Ganesh Atharvashirsha that glorifies Lord Ganesha. The dakshina thus collected is being used for community projects. The couple has so far visited 11 out of 50 members and Rs 1.35 lakh has been raised.

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