Building TRF Endowment

Ni hao, Rotarians!

Since ancient times, people have built communities around water. Having the ability to draw clean freshwater from a well means that a village has staying power and the ability to endure hard times. Wells are vital to people worldwide, but as a metaphor, they are just as powerful. What is The Rotary Foundation’s “well”? From what source can we draw to replenish ourselves to keep up with all of the amazing global grants saving lives around the world?

The Rotary Foundation well is our Endowment, of course. We are building a very deep, strong well that will ensure funding for major projects for generations to come. A strong endowment will ensure the long-term financial stability of our Foundation and provide essential resources to help deliver even more outstanding humanitarian service into the future. We are aiming high with the ‘Building TRF Endowment: 2025 by 2025’ initiative to build an endowment of $2.025 billion by 2025. By then we expect the Foundation’s Endowment to have a minimum of $1 billion in net assets, with the balance in expectancies and bequest-type commitments.

Imagine the good we will be able to do with a $2 billion Endowment! The investment earnings will provide about $100 million annually for Rotarians to do all sorts of life-changing projects around the globe, year after year. Together, we can make this happen. As much as the world changes around us, the well of The Rotary Foundation will stand the test of time and keep making a positive impact on the world.

Confucius took great pleasure from water. He said: “Great water can continuously move forward without stopping. It is so kind as to irrigate the lands everywhere it goes, yet it does not regard itself as having performed outstanding feats. It’s just like virtue.” Speaking of accomplishments, the RC Shanghai just ­celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. And the club just reached another great milestone: its first Arch Klumph Society member, Frank Yih. Gōng xĭ (congratulations) to our friends in ­Shanghai!

Gary C K Huang
Foundation Trustee Chair

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