Hunger warriors feed million mouths

NGOs across major cities provide food to slum children through networking.
NGOs across major cities provide food to slum children.

In a shelter home in Munirka in southwest Delhi, a group of 30 children jump with excitement at the sight of three large containers of food.

The containers are a familiar sight as they come twice a day, bearing their breakfast and dinner. But they don’t always make an appearance at midday, bearing lunch.

Over the next half hour, the kids queue up and proceed to eat in silence, asking for second helpings periodically.

Delhi Foodbanking Network is an NGO that collects food from companies and individuals, and distributes it to destitute communities in informal schools and shelter homes.

Likewise, there are many volunteer-driven NGOs across major cities that provide food to destitute homes and hungry children in slums.

For more details, read: Daily News & Analysis 

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