Bringing children to school

Child learning centres (CLCs) started by RC Navi ­Mumbai Sunrise, D 3142, are now ­providing  formal education to under- privileged children of Navi Mumbai.

Two CLCs, one at Gholwadi ­village in Kharghar, and another at Anand Nagar in Turbhe, that were started by the club in August 2015, utilising a fund-raising programme conducted in partnership with the local NGO Adarsh Seva Bhavi Sanstha, has so far reached out to 71 children who have never been to school before.

Rotarians and children at CLC Anand Nagar, Turbhe.

These projects helped children of migrant workers in Navi ­Mumbai by setting up community CLCs within the hamlets they live. The club had built special sheds with blackboards, chairs and desks for the children, and also distributed study kits, uniforms and shoes. Apart from this, mid-day meals are being served at these centres.

By emphasising on the fun ­element in learning, the CLCs in these ­hamlets have helped remove the ­communities’ ­mental block in ­sending their ­children to school and ­smoothened the path for their schooling. “Our efforts will reduce the prospects of future ­dropouts and thereby ensure ­sustainable ­education,” believes Rtn  Mita ­Rajaram, one of the initiators of this project.

Last April, the club organised another fund-raising programme to open up four more CLCs in Navi Mumbai. With about 150 child ­sponsors, the fund was used to start one CLC at Pawane with 20 students and another at Ulwe with 22 students. Well-furnished classrooms were set up in a rented place with ­blackboard and study charts. The children also got books and other stationery. “We also hope to undertake adult ­literacy programme for the parents and bring about a holistic ­development,” ­adds Mita.


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