Better technology to the rescue

Better technology and ­innovative ideas are now being used more and more by Rotary districts in India to train incoming district officers. According to the staff at RISAO, the DGEs of at least two RI Districts, 3170 and 3240, have tried to use “new age technology tools” during their recent ­training programmes for their club and district officers. “Apart from the ­in person training event, they also used ­internet enabled ­conferencing tools to connect with RISAO staff members — who ­provided live training modules — in these training events. The participants liked these new innovative training techniques and several other districts are also planning to use similar practices as their training tools.


RID 3170’s training event was attended by more than 180 ­delegates who included club presidents, ­secretaries, trainers and assistant  governors. Apart from DGE Girish R Masurkar, District Trainer PDG Vinay Pai Raiker and other district leaders were present.

The officers of RID 3240 were given orientation and ­training in ­person as well as over a ­web-conference with RISAO staff during the District ­Training ­Assembly at Burdwan. It was attended by more than 150 Rotarians and the ­innovative practices were welcomed by the participants.

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