An ENT camp at Panvel offers non-surgical solutions

RC Panvel Elite, RID 3131, recently conducted an ENT screening and treatment camp, third one in successive years, at the Patwardhan Hospital. The camp was done in partnership with the RSS Janakalyan Samiti. “Dr Prakash Golecha from RC Jaipur East (RID 3054) helped us carry out this project successfully and at a significant scale by examining patients. What made this camp standout from others was that all the treatment was done without surgeries and on the spot,” said Club President Ritesh Munot.


Highlighting some of the significant achievements during this camp, which was attended by 150 people, Munot said that a 94-year-old patient, who suffered from hearing loss, achieved significant improvement in his hearing on the spot. “Another woman patient had her eardrum placed in the right position without surgery, and this brought her hearing sensation back. Earlier, she could not hear anything.”

Usually, he added, it costs around ₹50,000 for an eardrum placement; “but we were able to offer this procedure for free without any incision or surgery. That was a big achievement for us as a club.”

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