A Rotary Peace Webinar

RI District 3131 hosted an International Service and Peace Webinar focusing on conflict resolution that saw participation of 300 Rotarians from the US, Germany, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, New Zealand and India.

Addressing the virtual meet, PRID Bryn Styles, Chair of Rotary Peace Centres, Evanston, US, said the webinar has opened an opportunity to “examine our past concepts on peace and conflict resolution and ensure that we emerge from the pandemic stronger and more engaged.”


DG Ravee Dhotre welcomed the speakers and virtual delegates. In his keynote speech, PDG Krishnan Chittur from New York, US, turned the spotlight on the need to improve the capabilities of the youth through guidance and training.

The Rotary Peace Award, ­co-sponsored by RC Nigdi Pune, was given to Dr Bharat Kelkar from Nashik for providing medical services to those injured and affected in the civil wars of Syria, Yemen and Mosul. The award for Overall Performance in International Service was given to RC Pune Shivajinagar. DG Dhotre released the ‘District International Service Avenue Report for 2019–20’.

Dr Pradeep Wagh, Director-International Service, RID 3131, moderated the webinar. The programme was live streamed through the Facebook page of RC Pune Shivajinagar reaching out to over 850 Rotarians from around the world.

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