A remote village gets a Happy School

The Laharu Basti Primary School, about 20km from ­Siliguri in West Bengal, is transformed into a Happy School, thanks to ­Rotarians of RC Siliguri Green, RID 3240. The remote tribal school now boasts of classrooms spread over an area of 1,850 sqft, a robust compound wall and gate. The classrooms have been painted, fans ­fitted, blackboards restored, playground levelled and play equipment installed. Khageshwar Roy, MLA of Rajgunj, who inaugurated the renovated school, appreciated the efforts of the club members. “They have given a wonderful gift to the village, and the villagers should maintain this,” he said.

DG Debashish Das (fourth from R) distributing gifts to ­children at the school.
DG Debashish Das (fourth from R) distributing gifts to ­children at the school.

DG Debashish Das interacted with the ­students and ­parents at the school and ­distributed t-shirts and books to  children. Rajib Chakroborthy, the ­District Education Officer, said, “It is hard to believe that a neglected primary school in this part of the state could be revamped in such a wonderful way.”

Student enrolment has improved and “we hope to improve a lot more facilities in the school,” said Project Chairman Abhishek Garg. Over ₹400,000 was spent on the project and Club President Animesh Agarwal hopes that more villagers will be motivated to send their children to the school.

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