A multidistrict DEI seminar in Rourkela

All clubs must adopt DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — principles as they are ­important for Rotary’s growth, said DG Shashank Rastogi at a multidistrict seminar on DEI hosted by RC Rourkela Steel City, RID 3261.

Rtn Arghya Guha addressing the delegates. RC Rourkela Steel City secretary Piu Guha (L) and RID 3291 PDG Shyamashree Sen are also in the picture.
Rtn Arghya Guha addressing the delegates. RC Rourkela Steel City secretary Piu Guha (L) and RID 3291 PDG Shyamashree Sen are also in the picture.

He congratulated the host club for organising the seminar on this critical subject. PDG Shyamashree Sen from RID 3291 traced the origin of DEI principles and shared a lot of statistics with the delegates. In her presentation, Anjana Maitra, district DEI chair, explained the meaning of each of the three terms and stressed the need for Rotary to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive “as envisioned by RI President Jennifer Jones.”

PDG F C Mohanty moderated a session on ‘Demystifying DEI’ in which AG Pratap Behera spoke on psychological safety and culture, while RID 3011-Women in Rotary International (WIRI) convener Julia Gangwani gave a presentation through video on the role of WIRI in the adoption of DEI principles.

Shyamashree moderated a ­session in which Anindita ­Mohapatra of Steel Authority of India and Anjana spoke. Rtn Arghya Guha, a ­differently-abled member, gave a talk on the challenges faced by ­persons with disabilities. In keeping with the theme of DEI, the welcome kits given to delegates were made by students of Home and Hope, an institution for differently-abled children. Around 100 Rotarians from across the district attended the seminar. Sandhya Rani Baral, vice-president, RC Rourkela Steel City, presided over the meet.

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