A lake in Pune gets a new life

Rotary Club of Pune Kothrud, RID 3131, has embarked on the Ramnadi Rejuvenation Sustainability Project to restore the Ramnadi river originating in the Sahyadri ranges and flowing through northwest Pune comprising Bhugaon, Bhukum, Bavdhan, Pashan, Baner and Aundh regions. The river has turned into a sewage canal due to dumping of construction debris and garbage.

A sapling being planted near the Khatpewadi Lake.

The club plans to first restore the Khatpewadi Lake which is at the head of the Ramnadi river. The ₹75 lakh-project, spread over three years, is led by Girish and Anupama Khirsagar and Service Projects director Alka Kulkarni, and is supported by the Vasundhara Sustainability Abhiyan and Elkay Silicones through their CSR grants. The long-term plans include increasing the lake’s capacity, enrich its biodiversity and create artificial islands to attract birds and butterflies, and increase the groundwater level to provide clean water to villages in the vicinity. The club also plans to set up the city’s first lotus pond near the lake.

To kickstart the mission, the team planted 100 native saplings on the lake’s shores and involved the Rotaractors and local villagers to nurture the saplings with guidance from the Vasundhara Abhiyan.

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