A joyride for children

Rotary Club of Madras ­Temple City, D 3232, has ­initiated a project titled ­‘Healing Little Hearts’, as a ­flagship project for ­2018–19. Meant to ­benefit children born with congenital heart diseases, the project focuses on children whose parents ­cannot afford the ­expensive medical and surgical treatment required to cure these life-threatening conditions.

Children on a picnic organised by RC Madras Temple City.
Children on a picnic organised by RC Madras Temple City.

Research done by the club has found that with 28 million live births happening annually in India, an estimated 180,000 babies are born with congenital heart disease every year. Early diagnosis and ­appropriate timely treatment can help these ­children lead a normal life.

The club has joined hands with doctors in Chennai who are ­willing to operate on children “and we have already funded seven cardiac ­procedures so far, ­including two major open heart surgeries,” says
Dr Prithika Chary, past ­president of the club.

Beneficiaries of the club’s Healing Little Hearts project.
Beneficiaries of the club’s Healing Little Hearts project.

Earlier, the club ­celebrated Madras Week in the last week of August by ­organising a metro joyride for 63 children from a ­government panchayat school in ­Chennai. After the ride they were taken to the Guindy children’s park and the Marina beach as part of their annual day outing, and treated to snacks.


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