A Head-Turner Event


World Polio Day on October 24 was a D-day for the Rotarians of RC Shertallay Town, RI District 3211. Right from flag off for the town-wide rally of cars and motorbikes bearing the ‘End Polio Now’ and ‘Thank You Rotary India is Polio-free’ banners, the event was a sure crowd-turner.

Assistant Governor A C Santhakumar and Club President A C Vinod Kumar along with Rotarians and a few government officials participated in this event. Rotarians in cars and two-wheelers rode through the town to celebrate India’s polio-free status.

It is two years since India has been certified as ‘Polio-free’ by WHO. Such initiatives would keep up the momentum and prevent the deadly virus from seeping into our borders. They generate awareness among the people to promptly take their child to the booths on NIDs to immunise them against polio.

The line up of the vehicles drew the attention of the people to Rotary International’s significant role in polio eradication.

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