A Happy school in Guwahati

The junior section of the Government Higher ­Secondary School, Panbazar, Guwahati, after its renovation, looks “bright and clean. I like coming to school more now,” says Neerab, a Class 5 student. Under Rotary’s TEACH initiative, RC Guwahati Luit, RID 3240, through its trust, transformed the school “into a better place where children feel welcome to learn,” says club president Rajiv Jain.

DG Kushanava Pabi (fifth from R) with club members at the government school.
DG Kushanava Pabi (fifth from R) with club members
at the government school.

A team headed by club member Amit Ajitsaria assessed the school’s needs. “We had to work on two ­dilapidated classrooms, two toilet blocks with no running water, and the terrace needed a ­parapet wall. To top it all, the school had no safe hygienic ­drinking water,” said Mona Shah, the club’s Literacy chair.

Within three months the club completed the project at ₹3.75 lakh. The classroom furniture was replaced and a water purifier and outdoor play equipment were installed. “Most importantly we made it a secure, attractive and happy learning place for students and teachers,” says Mona. DG Kushanava Pabi ­inaugurated the Happy School in the presence of PDG Arijit Endow and club members. A training workshop for teachers was also organised and the club plans to charter an Interact club in the school.

Earlier, the club had renovated a toilet block with five toilets at the school as part of its WinS project.

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