A golf fundraiser for community wellbeing There were 24 teams on the course and the Rotary club also lined up nearly four dozen sponsors for the fundraiser golf event that saw a fine exhibition of fellowship and camaraderie.

David Cone watches his putt during the Rotary Club of Thomasville's golf fundraiser for the United Way of Thomas County at Country Oaks Golf Course. Photo: Pat Donahue / Times Enterprise
David Cone watches his putt during the Rotary Club of Thomasville’s golf fundraiser for the United Way of Thomas County at Country Oaks Golf Course. Photo: Pat Donahue / Times Enterprise

The Rotary Club of Thomasville (Georgia, US — D 6900) stepped up to the tee for the United Way of Thomas County on Saturday morning.

The Rotary Club took over the annual fundraising golf tournament for United Way, and golfers turned out in droves at Country Oaks Golf Course.

“We ran out of carts,” said Rotary Club president Terri Hurst.

There were 24 teams on the course Saturday, and the Rotary Club also lined up nearly four dozen sponsors.

“Rotary is wonderful,” said United Way Executive Director Rebecca Cannady. “We cannot thank Rotary enough.”

Those who hit the links in support of United Way on Saturday did so under close to prime conditions for golf in mid-August.

Country Oaks pro Mike Owens said he was “sweating it” Friday night as clouds moved in over the area.

“We had some storms in the area, and if they had been over the golf course, we would have had a problem,” he said, referring the additional rain that threatened to fall on the course.

“But my outside staff has done an excellent job. They were here at 5.30 and 6 am getting everything ready.”

Owens also was impressed with the turnout for the tournament.

“As far as the golf course, I’m thrilled to have this many players,” he said.

“We haven’t had this many players for a fundraiser in a couple of years. The Rotary Club has done a lot of work to get people out here. They’ve knocked on doors and done a good job of getting people out here.”

Rotarian Scooter Grubbs said thanks to the hole sponsors, volunteers and to Owens and his staff at Country Oaks.

“He and his staff have done a great job,” he said. “They have been very, very accommodating.”

Having Rotary host the United Way annual golf fundraiser seemed a natural fit, according to Grubbs.

“The spirit of the community is great,” he said.

“It’s for a good cause. Everyone readily sees what the United Way for what it is. It supports community-wide efforts. Rotary does such a great job.”

The Rotary Club set a goal of $10,000 for the tournament and had collected more than $7,000 Saturday morning.

Every player also got a door prize, Grubbs said. He too was pleased at the support from the number of players.

“And the players came out,” he said. “We had teams calling at the end of the week.”

Owens also hopes the tournament’s success opens more eyes about the course.

“Country Oaks is a community golf course,” he said.

“We love hosting events like this. There are a lot of people here who don’t play golf. I’m happy to show them the course can help their organisations, even if they don’t play golf.”

Source: Times Enterprise

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