A Cycle rally with a Message Thousands of cyclists participated in Rotathlon, an event of RI District 3060, to sensitise the public in making India a cleaner, greener and literate nation.


February 21 — two days ahead of Rotary’s 111th anniversary, the streets of Gujarat, the UTs of Daman and Diu, and that of Dhule and Nandurbar in Maharashtra came alive with cyclists on a mission to spread the message of a progressive India among the public.

The idea was conceived to simultaneously carry out the event by all the clubs of the district, on the same day, at the same time, in their respective cities/towns. And thus Rotathlon got kick-started with the theme: Clean India, ­Literate India — Prosperous India.

As many as 62 clubs organised a cycle rally in their respective ­localities. More than 25,000 people comprising school and college students, citizens, NGOs and Rotarians and their families participated in the event creating a record of sorts, says the District PR Chair Hemant Antani.

The project was extensively discussed at all cluster seminars held all around the district. Social media was widely utilised by all clubs to ­publicise the project in their own towns.

A common logo was designed, which was used by all participating clubs, for their banners. The local District leaders such as the MPs, MLAs, and Collectors were invited for the flag-off in each of the towns. DG Parag Sheth appreciated the endeavour as a good public image exercise.

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