D 3140 promotes hygiene in rural schools

Vanathy Ravindran inaugurating a WinS project in a school at Girgaum in the presence of DG Subhash Kulkarni and other Rotarians.
Vanathy Ravindran inaugurating a WinS project in a school at
Girgaum in the presence of DG Subhash Kulkarni and other Rotarians.

Under Rotary’s WinS (WASH in Schools) initiative, D 3140, has implemented the Sukhada WinS in underprivileged schools across the District. The cost of Rs 55 million for construction of 500 toilets with group hand wash stations and other accessories was contributed by clubs in the District and a few donors.

Sukhada WinS aims to ­promote healthy hygiene habits for girl ­students. “Right now over 350 ­toilets are under construction and we hope to complete at least 500 toilets within the current Rotary year. This would benefit around 125 needy schools in tribal regions where the number of the girls is high. With this, we hope to usher in behaviour change among the young,” says DG Subhash Kulkarni.

Each toilet block comprises ­sanitary napkin dispensers and incinerators for their disposal, besides a septic tank, overhead tank with proper water ­connections and changing rooms. “Delivering quality that lasts will enhance the ­positive image of Rotary,” says Kulkarni.

The entire endeavour has earned appreciation from Rotary leaders such as RIPE John Germ, PRIP Wilfrid Wilkinson, TRF Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith who have visited the District this year. Recently Vanathy Ravindran, spouse of RI President K R Ravindran, inaugurated one such Sukhada block at Girgaum in Mumbai.

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