25 more homes in flood-devastated Kodagu handed over

PRIP Kalyan Banerjee with PDGs R S Nagarjun, K Krishna Shetty, P Rohinath, Devdas Rai, Project Chair PDG K Ravi Appaji and DGE M Ranganath Bhat after handing over a house to a beneficiary.
PRIP Kalyan Banerjee with PDGs R S Nagarjun, K Krishna Shetty, P Rohinath, Devdas Rai, Project Chair PDG K Ravi Appaji and DGE M Ranganath Bhat after handing over a house to a beneficiary.

Bang in the midst of the corona pandemic and the lockdown, Rotarians of RID 3181 kept their promise to the people of Kodagu, Karnataka, who along with the people in many parts of Kerala, were devastated by the floods two years ago. “In the second phase of our project Rebuild Kodagu (50 homes at a cost of ₹2.56 crore), we were extremely happy to hand over completed homes on May 10, 2020, to 25 more beneficiaries at the Gargandhur-Madapur area in Kodagu,” said Project Chair PDG Ravi Appaji.

He recalled that the first phase had been completed in June 2019, and under this project the District had handed over 25 homes to beneficiaries in the presence of PRIP Kalyan Banerjee. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity India.

IPDG P Rohinath, Chairman of the Rotary Rebuild Kodagu RID 3181 Trust, said these 50 families were selected on the basis of criteria such as the worst affected and the  most deserving, and the beneficiaries were identified jointly by Habitat, community leaders and local people. The land and title belongs to the beneficiaries, as homes were rebuilt on their own land.

Appaji said the cost of each home was Rs 5.05 lakh each, and the total amount of Rs 2.56 crore was raised by contributions from donors, Rotarians and friends in India and overseas. “After the 2018 floods had destroyed their homes and devastated their lives, this project was initiated and encouraged by PRIP Banerjee and the then RI Director C Basker, and supported by all the district governors and of course, Rotary’s great benefactor Rajashree Birla, Chairperson of the Aditya Birla Foundation for Community Initiatives.”

Unlike in the first phase when the homes were handed over to the beneficiaries, this time due to the corana lockdown, “there was no formal stage ceremony, invites or other arrangements. What mattered was that the beneficiaries should start living in their new homes as soon as possible so a simple transfer of homes was done. It was important to ensure that the home owners occupy the houses before the monsoon rains start this year,” he added.

This project was executed and implemented by Habitat for Humanity India and Abhivruddhi group.

“We thank our sponsors, donors, Rotarians and the members of the local disaster committee which was immediately formed to help the devastated people of Kodagu, the local Panchayat leaders  and of course, Habitat and the Abhivruddhi group,”
he added.

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