TRF donors make India proud

At a grand and elegantly executed sit-down dinner, with personalised menu cards on every table for every guest, held on the eve of the Bengaluru zone institute, senior Rotary leaders led by RI President Gordon McInally, RI directors Raju Subramanian and Anirudha Roychowdhury, TRF vice-chair Bharat Pandya and several other RI leaders and senior leaders from Rotary India, toasted The Rotary Foundation.

(From L) PRIPs K R Ravindran, Rajendra Saboo and Kalyan Banerjee with RI President Gordon McInally.
RI President Gordon McInally greets RI Director Henrique Barbosa de Vasconcelos.
PRIPs Saboo and Banerjee.
(From L) AKS inductees Ranjit Pratap and Uma; Saroj and Ghanshyam Agrawal; and Gowri and Srinivas. (Back row) Meena and Krishna Choudhary; Bahri Malhotra’s family members — Pooja Sood, Preeti and Ashwini Malhotra; and PDG V R Muthu.
(From L) RID 3191 DG Udaykumar Bhaskara, Uma Nagesh, Ravishankar Dakoju, PDG Vinay Kulkarni and Institute Chair K P Nagesh.
TRF Vice Chair Bharat Pandya with RID Anirudha Roychowdhury and Shipra.

A little earlier, the new Arch Klumph Society members from India (list in box) shared their stories on the essence of giving, of what had motivated them to donate to TRF, whether it was for building toilets, literacy and schools, community healthcare and sanitation projects, skilling women and physically-challenged, and similar community development projects.

Thanking the new AKS inductees profusely for their generosity, President McInally said that it was always an inspiring and special moment for him and his wife Heather to go around the world for similar events. “Such events are such a wonderful chance for us to hear the stories of what drives the passion of those who contribute so generously to our Foundation. Every donation to our Foundation is important, but by virtue of the extent to which you are contributing to TRF, you are very important to us and we celebrate you. I never sit through such celebrations without thinking of the beneficiaries of our Foundation.”

TRF Vice Chair Pandya in conversation with President McInally as PDGs N Subramanian (L) and Ashok Kantoor look on.
(From L) Uma, Sonal, PRID Kamal Sanghvi and PDG Nagesh.
(From L) TRF Vice Chair Pandya, PRID Basker, RIDs Jeremy Hurst and Subramanian, and PRID Manoj Desai.
TRF Vice Chair Pandya with RRFCs (from L) Rakesh Sharma, Deepak Gupta, Sam Movva and Madhav Chandran.
(From L) PDGs Sandip Agarwalla, Raja Seenivasan, V R Muthu, Jayanthi Seenivasan, Kamala Muthupalaniappan and Malini Agarwalla.
(From L) RID Raju Subramanian, PRIP Saboo, Heather, President McInally, PRIP Ravindran, Vanathy and TRF Vice Chair Pandya
(From L) Vidhya, RID Subramanian, TRF Vice Chair Pandya and Madhavi.
Institute Convenor RID Subramanian with RID Vasconcelos, Renata, Nadja and RID Hans-Hermann Kasten.
President McInally and Heather with Usha Saboo.

As he heard them share their stories, “in the last few minutes I have thought of people that Heather and I have met over the past few months who have benefitted in the spheres in which you have declared your interest. I think of the children of the schools in Mexico that I visited a couple of weeks ago, who were given school resources thanks to Rotary funding, thanks to a TRF grant, thanks to people like yourselves. I think of the young people in Mongolia just a month ago, the beneficiaries of TRF who were given houses to develop their futures. Of the abused children in Korea who are being helped in the sphere of mental health thanks to TRF.”

Added McInally: “I stand here not simply as the RI president to say ‘Thank you’ to all of you. I stand on behalf of all those beneficiaries… on behalf of the children of Mexico, the people of Mongolia and the children of Korea to thank your generosity.”

RC Madras past president Ranjit Pratap, PRID C Basker and PRIP Ravindran.
Heather in conversation with PRIP Banerjee.
Institute Secretary PDG Sameer Hariani and Roopa.
PRIPs Saboo, Banerjee and Ravindran.
PDG Deepak Gupta and Reena with PRID Basker and Mala.
AKS member Muthu shares his thoughts in the presence of TRF Vice Chair Pandya, President McInally and Trustee Larry Lunsford.
PRIP Saboo and Usha with Sharmishtha and PRID Manoj Desai.
PRIDs Ashok Mahajan and Sanghvi.
Usha Saboo and Nayantara Mahajan share a hug.

Thanking AKS members and all the donors to TRF, TRF vice-chair Bharat Pandya told the gathering, “If Rotarians are the heart of Rotary, TRF is the backbone of Rotary. TRF benefits millions of people across the world starting from our own doorstep and extending to each and every corner of the world.”

Institute convenor and RI director Subramanian said: “We meet here to look back, reflect and support our Foundation this year and every year. Don’t make it about my year or your year; it is our year, this year and every year. It is necessary for each of us to continue to contribute to this Foundation, as we are in Rotary to give and not take. Each year must be a better year than the last year…”

Pictures by Rasheeda Bhagat

AKS inductees

V R Muthu and Malarvizhi Muthu
RID 3212

Indrani and
D R Patnaik 

RID 3261

Ghanshyam and Saroj Agrawal
RID 3192

Ranjit Pratap and Uma Ranjit
RID 3232

Gowri Srinivas and Srinivas T
RID 3191

Krishna and Meena Choudhary
RID 3141

Late Bahri Baldevraj and Late Kanwal Malhotra
(represented by Rtn Ashwini and Priti Malhotra)
RID 3131

Roop and Beena Jyoti
RID 3292

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