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A school in Rudraprayag rebuilt by Rotary.
A school in Rudraprayag rebuilt by Rotary.

Following the massive deluge that swept Uttarakhand in June 2013, Rotary India immediately reached out with food and support to the flood victims and decided to reconstruct 32 schools that were devastated by the floods in Rudraprayag district. The Rotary Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Trust was formed with Past RI President Rajendra K Saboo as President and Rotary general officers as Trustees.

Senior leaders appealed to Rotarians for support in rebuilding the schools and funds poured in from across the country. A total contribution of Rs 58 million was received and it earned an interest of Rs 4 million over three years. Rotarians and senior leaders made several trips to the construction sites braving the challenge of an arduous hill journey of over 14 hours.

By January 2017, all 32 schools were handed over to the respective school management committees. Each school is earthquake and landslide resistant and equipped with desks, benches and blackboards for classrooms, gender-specific toilets and a kitchen to cook mid-day meals.

The sturdiness of the schools was soon put to test when on February 6 an earthquake of the magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale struck Rudraprayag and its tremors were felt in Delhi.

A school built by Rotary at Ukhimath, the epicenter of the earthquake, stood its ground, unshaken.

“I am thankful to all the Rotarians who have contributed generously to make this huge dream a reality and I am happy that we were able to fulfil our promise of facilitating education for these children,” said PRID Y P Das.

All contributions received were expended solely for reconstruction of the schools, the accounts have been audited and income tax returns filed, said PRID Das.

The Trust’s audited balance sheets of four years (2013-17), statement of district and individual contributions received, income and expense statement as on Sep15 and the list of 32 beneficiary schools can be viewed  here.

Balance Sheet 2013-14

Balance Sheet 2014-15

Balance Sheet 2015-16

Balance Sheet 2016-17

Expenses & Receipts as on Sep 15, 2017

Districtwise Contributions

Individual Contributions as on Sep 15, 2017

Allocation of schools to Donors above Rs 10 lacs


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