Surgery camp in Dondaicha


Over 125 people were provided surgical treatment for various minor ailments at a special camp organised by RC Dondaicha, RID 3060, in March this year. “We have been organising this camp for the past 35 years and people eagerly look forward to it to avail the services free of cost. Renowned surgeons in the locality ­participate in the camp every year,” says club president Dr Praful B Dugad.

Prior to the camp, a primary medical camp was organised to identify people suffering from small to medium lipomas, cysts and corns to be treated at the camp. Eight surgeons performed the surgeries and the entire cost including follow-up consultations, post-surgery dressing, stitch removal and medicines were borne by the club.

DG Shrikant Indani who visited the camp appreciated the club for its efforts and the meticulous planning done by club members Dr B L Jain and Dr Omprakash Agarwal for the success of the camp.

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