Rotary inks pact with insurance firm

An MoU was signed between Rotary India and insurance broking company RFL at the zone institute in Bengaluru to facilitate the flow of funds every time Rotarians, or their references, purchase an insurance policy, whether it is for general, health or motor cover.

From L: RI Directors Anirudha Roychowdhury and Raju Subramanian, and insurance broking company RFL’s representative Anurag Srivatsav, after signing the MoU.

The incentives that would usually go to brokers will now flow to the Rotary club or its trust. The partnership with RFL will ensure a steady flow of funds as Rotarians, and their references, engage with the insurance company. RI directors Raju ­Subramanian and Anirudha Roychowdhury signed the agreement with RFL representative Anurag ­Srivatsav in the presence of RI President ­Gordon McInally. The funds that will accrue to the clubs through this MoU can be used to do service projects and community initiatives.

Also, Rotary clubs were urged to appoint an individual, preferably a board director, to facilitate communication between the club and RFL.

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