RID 3120 Rotarians bond over DisCon

Keynote speakers and lively breakout sessions made the three-day (Feb 3–5) RID 3120’s district conference titled Samagam (conclave) a fruitful event for over 1,000 Rotarians.

DG Anil ­Agarwal, Kavita, PDG Sameer Hariani and Roopa, among others, at the inaugural.
DG Anil ­Agarwal, Kavita, PDG Sameer Hariani and Roopa, among others, at the inaugural.

The host club, RC Allahabad ­Royals, an all-women’s club, was praised by DG Anil ­Agarwal for its meticulous planning and arrangements at the Allahabad Medical Association Auditorium. Padma Shri awardee Anand Kumar, founder, Super 30 that coaches IIT aspirants, narrated his rollercoaster journey to success and ­complimented Rotary for its range of service in ­education, ­peacebuilding and ­spreading brotherhood and ­harmony in the world. While conference chair Poonam Gulati ­welcomed the delegates, host club president Vinita Agarwal listed out the project activities of her club.

RIPR PDG Sameer ­Hariani ­complimented DG Agarwal and the conference team for a ­well-organised event. Rtn Roopa Hariani gave a talk on RI’s new mantra — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Deepak Vohra, IFS officer and advisor to PM Narendra Modi, ­delivered a talk on India’s ­achievements in various fields over the last 75 years.

Entrepreneur Prafull Billore shared his rags to riches story from selling tea on Ahmedabad streets to building a big business empire; Rtn Ashustosh Agarwal who was elected as DGND thanked everyone for their support.

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