RC Thane promotes self-detection of breast cancer

To spread awareness on prevention and early detection of breast cancer, the incidence of which is rising rapidly in India, RC Thane, RID 3142, along with its CSR partner Bayer India, supported a unique innovation from MyCliniCare. This is a hand-held device which allows a woman to do a self-examination in less than 10 minutes, said Club President Ajay Kelkar.

It can detect a lump as small as 5 mm. “The examination is not only ­non-invasive but also ­painless and radiation free,” he added.

The club recently organised a camp to screen women for breast ­cancer using this device. It was managed by women volunteers and over two days 275 women were trained on the self-examination technique using this device. Prior to the camp, which was held at the club’s Rotary Hall, a lot of publicity about it was done on social media platforms such as WhatsApp. The registration process was online and the results were shared on the mobile ­numbers of those screened.

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“The women who came for this test were all educated and from middle class; our club plans to scale this project so that a much larger number of women can be reached,” Kelkar said.

The hand-held device is battery-operated and is rather small (measuring around 9”x3.5”). For the screening MyClinic from Bengaluru had sent its team, which carried out the tests. Kelkar says that nine women were detected with tumours and they are being followed up by the club. This test is presently available at MyClinic in Bengaluru and costs around ₹900. The project was funded by Bayer India.

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