RC Surat helps 40 families to market khakhras


The Rotary Club of Surat, RID 3060, which has been active in Covid-relief work during the lockdown by distributing over 3,000 food packets a day to the needy, has also provided masks, sanitisers, handwash stations, PPE kits and food grain kits, bringing smiles to the faces of the beneficiaries.

Now it has turned its attention to a staple of ­Gujaratis — khakhras. “Khakhra is a very popular and healthy snack in ­Gujarat. It is mostly made at home by the housewives. Many a times it is the main source of family income, giving a woman about ₹400-500 a day,” says Mona Sitwala, club member.

Project khakhra was initiated through the social media by “sending out around over 3,000 messages across the city. The response was overwhelming with more than 200 women responding.”

RC Surat President Nikhil Madrasi with packets of khakhra.
RC Surat President Nikhil Madrasi with packets of khakhra.

Samples were sought, checked for quality, and 40 women were selected. The khakras made by these women are collected from them and delivered to clients. An ongoing project, by June first week, it had generated income for these 40 families, with more than 550 kg being sold. Past president Sarosh Bhacca sponsored the distribution of 50 kg of khakhras to various hospitals, old age homes and orphanages.

The club hopes to make this a permanent project, while expanding the list of items that the women can make
and market.

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