Raising rubella awareness

As Indian Rotarians get ready to sign an MoU with the GoI to ensure wide coverage of universal immunisation for preventable diseases such as rubella, measles, tuberculosis, etc a Rubella Awarenee walk was conducted on the Elliot’s beach in Chennai by Inner Wheel District 323.

At the Walkathon for Rubella awareness.
At the Walkathon for Rubella awareness.

Explaining the seriousness of rubella, Past District Chairman Nalini Prabhakar said this is a mild form of measles which can affect anyone.  But “most at risk is the pregnant woman; because if she gets rubella during her pregnancy, the child may be born with congenital birth defects.” But this can be prevented by a single vaccination dose which “every girl should get at the age of 15, or at least before marriage.”

About 300 Inner Wheel members and students carrying placards in Tamil and English, explaining the dangers of rubella and the vital ­importance of rubella vaccination, marched along the beach. Pamphlets carrying similar information were distributed to the people.

Apart from Nalini, others involved in planning this public education campaign were District Chairman Padma Preetha Sumanth and Special Projects Coordinator Vijayalakshmi Prabhakar.

The walk was flagged off by Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravindran.

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