On the racks – October 2019


Author                  : Marilyn Robinson
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 282; 399

Gilead is a book about a book about fathers and sons. The book is an account of the memories and legacy of John Ames as he remembers his experiences of his father and grandfather to share with his son. In the form of a letter from 76-year-old Ames, who is a fourth-generation Congregationalist minister, in Gilead, Iowa, in 1956, to his seven-year-old son. This is an intimate tale of three generations starting from the Civil War to the 20th century: a story about the spiritual battles that still rage at America’s heart. Ames who is suffering from a heart disease, sums up his past and his learnings in his letter sprinkled with anecdotes and advice. This book has won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award.



Emperor Vikramaditya
Author                  : Adity Kay
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 384; 399

The kingdom of Magadha, India, is at its peak, but the young prince Chandra’s thoughts are clouded as his elder brother, Ramagupta, prepares to take their ageing father’s place on the throne. Chandra is bound to obey the future king but is in constant disagreement with him. He believes his brother’s decisions will joepardise the stability of the empire… and so begins a tale of conflict. One is drunk on power and unconditionally supported by the court of Pataliputra, the other an outsider in the palace, who is yet to win the hearts of his people. But when a strong enemy strikes the kingdom and challenges the Guptas’ might, Chandra must first fight his own battles in order to protect his people and become a king in his own right — he must become Vikramaditya.



I have a theory about that
Author                  : Judy Balan
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 244; 399

This is a light and refreshing read. Meg and Tania, two besties and flat mates, are on a mission to find themselves their “true love” over a bet. While Meg is a meticulous planner, Tania is a go-with-the-flow and trust-in-the-timings-of-the-universe kind of a girl. The two live by their theories of finding their Mr Right and the plot takes some crazy turns until everything’s set in place. Tragic break-ups, emotional break-downs, work pressure and some growing up takes the reader to a happy end.


Edited by           : Vinay Kumar Malhotra
Publisher           : VVM Trust


Budhape ka anand (Hindi)
Pages                 : 84; 250

This book presents a positive vision on aging, continued learning after 70 and replaces “retirement” with “advanced age of learning.”



Mera Ambala – A collection of poems
Pages                : 80; 250

A collection of poems read at the Poetical Symposium on “Mera Ambala”. These poems describe the beauty and struggles of the city of Ambala.

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