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De-stress your life
Author        : Glenn Harrold
Publisher   : Hachette India
Pages          : 183; ₹299

The must-have book for de-stressing your life and embracing modern living.

Using tools and techniques such as meditation, regulated breathing and self-hypnosis, expert Glenn Harrold shows you how to cope with the pressures of modern life and create a happier, stronger and more resilient you. Through seven easy steps you will learn:

  • What stress is and what causes it
  • The mental and physical effects of stress
  • Techniques to help you cope with stressful situations and problems
  • Ways to be kinder to yourself and build a greater sense of self-worth

From finances and careers, relationships and self-image to time management and life goals, De-stress your life will teach you the skills, techniques and practices you need to achieve for a healthy work/life balance and find your own
inner calm.



Sleep well every night
Author        : Glenn Harrold
Publisher   : Hachette India
Pages          : 178; ₹299

In this easy-to-follow six-stage programme, clinical hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold reveals how you can truly change the way you sleep.

By rethinking basic lifestyle choices and using 100 per cent natural remedies, including self-hypnosis, Harrold shows that a good night’s sleep is only a step away. Sleep well every night will give you the tools and knowledge to:

  • Understand what sleep is and why it’s so important
  • Identify common problems and know how to tackle them
  • Make simple but powerful changes that will drastically improve your quality of sleep
  • Eliminate the hidden causes of insomnia

With practical exercises, top tips and easy-to-follow techniques, this invaluable programme will help you sleep easier, better and longer. It’s time to take back control of your day and night, reclaiming your right to a good night’s sleep.



Loss weight now!
Author        : Glenn Harrold
Publisher   : Hachette India
Pages          : 200; ₹299

Do you want to lose weight and stay slim?

Do you wish it was easy to choose healthy foods?

Would you love to have the willpower to exercise regularly?

Do you wish losing weight was really, really easy?

Glenn Harrold has developed a safe and revolutionary approach that will transform your relationship with yourself and with food. He promises to give you total control of your weight, so you never need to diet again.

Successful weight loss starts in your head, not at the supermarket or at the gym, and Harrold’s quick and easy exercises will change your mindset in an instant. Suddenly you will find it really easy to eat healthy food all the time, you’ll want to get out and exercise, and you’ll not even think about all those foods you know are bad for you but you normally can’t resist.

Weight loss has never been easier. With Glenn Harrold you’ll watch the pounds disappear forever — and you’ll love it!


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