On the racks – April 2019


Limca Book of Records 2019

Publisher : Hachette India
Pages : 440; ₹550

Discover our country’s firsts and foremost in human endeavour, structures, education, defence, government, on science and technology, adventure, business, cinema, the natural world, literature and the arts in this up-to-date edition of India’s only comprehensive book
of records.

With reader-friendly infographics, charts and tables, the Limca Book of Records 2019 includes more than 1,000 images and all the diverse and riveting absolutes — such as records for the longest, tallest, fastest and heaviest — that have endured across time.

Be amazed. Be informed. Be proud.

Most of all, be inspired!



Living the Bhagavad Gita: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Author : Braja Sorensen
Publisher : Hachette India
Pages : 196; ₹299

In this book, Braja Sorensen combines the teachings of Krishna and the sage Patanjali to emphasise the real purpose of yoga: it is a way of life, and its goal is the union with the Divine.

She presents a lucid analysis of the multiple meanings of the word ‘yoga’ that Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita. The yogic journey is a process of training and refining the mind, senses and emotions, until the very consciousness is altered and ready to meet the Divine. Patanjali explains the link between the body, mind and soul, and how the practice of yoga affects each.

This book brings to you the life-changing qualities that Krishna taught, and shows you how the Bhagavad Gita is the finest guide to understanding life, love and relationships, the body, mind and senses, and the nature of the soul.



Designing Destiny – The Heartfulness Way

Author : Kamlesh Patel
Publisher : Westland Publication
Pages : 219; ₹299

What does destiny mean in the course of our lives?

How can we design our own destiny?

These are questions that some of the world’s greatest philosophers have asked since time immemorial. In this ground-breaking book, Kamlesh Patel addresses such questions with simple solutions and practical wisdom. He elaborates on the subject of consciousness, the role of evolution, and explains what happens to us at the time of birth and death — and how we can act in those pivotal moments when life takes a turn.

He inspires us to believe in ourselves and find a way forward, no matter what the challenge, and look at even the most difficult situation as an opportunity to grow. He says that with a few simple practices, a heart full of enthusiasm and an expanded consciousness, we can all discover our potential and the destiny we were born to fulfil.

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