Meet your Governors – December 2018

His focus is on sustainable projects

Gustad Anklesaria Automobile distribution, RC Ratlam, D 3040
Gustad Anklesaria
Automobile distribution, RC Ratlam, D 3040


A third generation Rotarian, Gustad Anklesaria has Rotary blood in his veins. He has been an Interactor and Rotaractor before joining Rotary in 1989. While his father T S Anklesaria is a past district governor, grandfather G D Anklesaria was instrumental in establishing the 4,000 sq ft Rotary Hall in Ratlam in 1962.

The DG is happy to share that 65 per cent of the total 111 members in his club have been Rotaractors before becoming Rotarians.

He is happy that he is getting a first-hand feel of the various sustainable projects being implemented by his team. “We run nine dialysis centres, a blood bank in Ujjain, ten physiotherapy centres and several food centres through which we provide lunch/dinner for a mere ₹5.” He plans to add at least five new dialysis centres, one more blood bank, an ambulance for animal care, a mammography van and 100 e-learning facilities during the year.

On membership he plans a 25 per cent growth and has already inducted 10 per cent more women members. The biggest challenge, he says, is the large amount of non-reported Rotaract clubs in the district. “We are now streamlining data on these clubs,” he says.

Anklesaria is hopeful of raising TRF contribution from his district, that is thrice the average collection of $100,000 through the years.

Improving contribution to TRF

Barjesh Singhal Stock broker, RC Jalandhar, D 3070
Barjesh Singhal
Stock broker, RC Jalandhar, D 3070


He is a Rotarian since 1992.

Barjesh Singhal is excited that he has added 200 new members so far and that the women members, “though they form just 10 per cent of the total membership, are active in pursuing service activities in the district. I am working on increasing the number by another 10 per cent.”

He is also happy that all Rotary clubs have uploaded their goals on the Rotary Club Central and he is now aiming at 100 per cent registration of the clubs in My Rotary before the end of the year.

On contributions to TRF, Singhal says that while the trend so far has been 30 per cent clubs and 70 per cent Rotarians donating to the Foundation, this year he is all set to reverse the trend so that 97 per cent clubs and 70 per cent Rotarians participate in contributing to TRF. “Even if it is $50 or $100, it is okay. The point is that all Rotarians should give to the Foundation. This has been well-received in the district. So I know I can expect a decent contribution. We also have five new Major Donors this year.”

His agenda for service projects includes executing WinS projects with CSR participation and establishing a Peace Park at the India-Pakistan border by 2022. A nine-member committee headed by PDG Kees of D 5080 has been set up for this purpose. He aims to plant 25,000 saplings across the district before the year ends. “The team has been encouraged to do away with shawls and flowers during events. Instead, they will be giving saplings,” he says.

Singhal is happy to share that he has given ₹13 lakh as aid from his district to DG E K Luke for Kerala flood relief.

Enthusing his team with Fortnight Challenges

Praveen Chander Goyal Civil lawyer, RC Chandigarh, D 3080
Praveen Chander Goyal
Civil lawyer, RC Chandigarh, D 3080

He has planned his projects in a way to enthuse all Rotarians to take part in what he calls ‘fortnight challenge’. The programmes for July included providing bird baths in communities, providing large umbrellas for roadside hawkers, cobblers etc. “These projects will enhance Rotary’s public image,” says Praveen Chander Goyal. Other projects under his ‘challenge’ programme include adolescent healthcare and road safety projects.

Goyal has served as an Interactor and a DRR in 1985–86 before joining Rotary in 1988. He wants to increase membership by 10 per cent and double the number of ‘reported’ Rotaract clubs from 30 to 60 and add 10 per cent more women members. He is excited to state that his district has chartered an exclusive Rotaract club with visually-challenged members and another one will be chartered in November. “RI President Barry Rassin gave the charter certificate to the club during his Chandigarh visit and he was very much impressed,” he says.

His goals for TRF is to raise $600,000 but “I have not been able to do much. My next Fortnight Challenge will be for every member to contribute to the Foundation,” he smiles.

He is presently working on a global grant that has been sanctioned to equip schools with WinS facilities and furniture.

Promoting Rotary’s public image

S Piraiyon Civil Engineer, RC Cuddalore Coastal City, D 2981
S Piraiyon
Civil Engineer, RC Cuddalore Coastal City, D 2981


He has lined up four projects aimed at enhancing Rotary’s public image. “As Rotarians we must take pride in what we do. If we do not showcase our great organisation’s good work, who else will,” asks S Piraiyon. To commemorate Rotary’s 113th year, 113,000 saplings are being planted across the district. The idea is to create a dense forest in the Cuddalore region, as many areas are vulnerable to cyclone attacks. Next on the agenda is to provide sewing machines for 750 destitute women. To ensure that they don’t sell these, the beneficiaries are asked to bring the machines to the club and get a renewal certificate it every year. Constructing sophisticated washrooms near popular places of worship and conducting job fairs across the district to provide employment opportunities to the educated rural ­youngsters are his other two projects.

Besides this, he has drawn up 12 signature projects to be performed by the clubs each month. The district has equipped 1,000 schools with WinS facilities and 114 schools with ‘smart classes’ so far.

On membership, Piraiyon says that it has increased from 4,545 at the beginning of the year to 4,782 now and 25 per cent of the new members are women. Twenty new Rotaract clubs against a goal of 50; 22 RCCs against a goal of 60 and 12 Interact clubs have been added so far.

He aims to raise $400,000 for TRF.

The governor is a Rotarian since 1995 and his wife Geetha too is a Rotarian.

His focus is to protect the rivers

Dr Sayantan Gupta Gynaecologist, RC Malda Central, D 3240
Dr Sayantan Gupta
Gynaecologist, RC Malda Central, D 3240

He joined Rotary in 2003 as charter president of the club. He wants to instill Rotary in Rotarians and has charted out various programmes to enhance their knowledge of Rotary. Sayantan Gupta is keen on saving the health of the rivers in the region and to “instill this consciousness in Rotarians” he has named the various district programmes after the rivers. “We are also working on projects such as expanding greenery on river banks, rallies and awareness programmes addressing pollution of rivers,” he says.

Gupta wants to increase membership by at least 300, with more focus on adding women members, particularly Rotarian spouses. “The club/district dues are waived for them. Now every month, we induct new spouse-Rotarians.” He is also encouraging dual membership for Rotaractors to join Rotary. “My home club is sharing a greater part of the RI dues, apart from waiving the club/district dues for such members,” he says. He is focusing on registering ­Rotaract clubs with RI and discouraging phantom clubs.

In Rotary, he enjoys most fellowship; “being a doctor, I could have rendered service to the community anywhere, but the bonding in Rotary is something I cherish.” Writing poetry, novels and drama in English and Bengali are his hobbies.

Gupta’s wife Puspita is also a charter member of the same club and he is hopeful that his younger daughter will also become a member.

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