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Build business relationships with fellow Rotarians

Subbarao Ravuri, Software Engineer, RC Vijayawada Midtown, RID 3020

In 2008–09, DG Subbarao Ravuri joined Rotary with a focus on fostering fellowship and networking. “Because the trust in Rotary is strong, I encourage Rotarians to build business relationships with one another. This will also ensure hassle-free transactions,” he says. Club presidents should create a database of the areas of interest of individual members to assign them tasks accordingly. A ‘know your members meet,’ should be organised to help dormant members get actively involved in the club.

Ravuri has initiated the ‘club visit passport’ for club presidents and secretaries to promote cross-learning among clubs and understand diverse club cultures across the district. With a five percent membership growth goal (from 4,600 to 5,000), he has tailored targets for rural clubs, in accordance with their capability. His TRF giving goal is $1 million.

Inspired by the ‘Lead the Leaders’ programme, Ravuri has seamlessly integrated Rotary values into his personal and professional life. District wide initiatives include a focus on mental health, women’s empowerment and installing 21,000 mammography machines with CSR support across hospitals in the district.

Simplify the GG format for clubs

Pawan Khandelwal, Hospitality, RC Alwar, RID 3053

Pawan Khandelwal has been a Rotary member since 1998. His plans for the year include a 20 percent growth in membership across the district. He emphasises diversity, believing that “Rotary’s simplified classification system allows reaching out to individuals from various professions and backgrounds.” He encourages club presidents to address concerns about perceived high membership by underscoring the value members receive, including fellowship, service opportunities and business promotion.

Although his district has announced 17 Major Donors, he acknowledges challenges in raising TRF funds. “Members feel that they could use the money in hand for a local project because most of them do not understand the technical aspects of global grants. We set up a ₹3.5 crore blood bank primarily funded by members in Alwar. We need a simplified GG format to encourage clubs to give to TRF,” he says.

In addition to focusing on major cities, Khandelwal recognises the need for more CSR support to implement projects in rural areas. A 1,400-km cycle rally will be conducted to raise awareness about Rotary and enhance its brand image.

Reaffirm the purpose of being in Rotary

Nasir H Borsadwala, Computers, RC Kolhapur Midtown, RID 3170

A Rotarian since 1996, DG Nasir Borsadwala believes that “Rotary shapes individuals beyond financial gains.” With a focus on Rotarians who understand and value the essence of Rotary, he has inducted 450 new members. The club with the highest retention percentage in the district will receive a trophy, named after his late parents.

He encourages club presidents to courageously remove “the bad apples in the basket. Take out the non-contributing members and reaffirm the purpose of being in Rotary,” he says.

His district runs across three states and is diverse in membership. He is “extremely proud of the seven successful all-women clubs that are leading impactful projects.” If a club is getting into a CSR project in the current year “it is important to complete the projects by June 2024 to showcase accountability to your CSR partner.”

With a TRF goal of $1 million, his district has announced 55 Major Donors and initiated eight global grants including a milk bank in Hubli, five Happy Schools in Ichalkaranji, and plans for five dialysis centres across his district.

Share compelling Rotary stories

T R Vijaykumar, Blending and Bottling, RC Trichur Central, RID 3201

A second-generation Rotarian with his Rotary journey dating back to 1987, TR Vijaykumar aims to continue the legacy of his district in TRF contributions and impactful projects. He is urging club presidents to share compelling Rotary stories when they induct new members. Orientation, he believes, “is the only tool that will help existing members to understand their purpose in Rotary.” He aspires to grow the district membership from 6,500 to 10,000 members.

Recognising the importance of diversity, he suggests flexible meeting times to attract more women members. The district is currently carrying out five CSR initiatives. His target for TRF contribution is $2.5 million and he has already exceeded $ 1.1 million.

The district’s noteworthy projects include a ₹58 lakh global grant for facial deformity correction surgeries, and his home club is committed to completing 50 surgeries. Additionally, the district is focusing on creating employment opportunities for disabled individuals. With the help of gynaecologists and experts, the district has designed special maternity kits for rural mothers.

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