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Eighteen stimulating sessions spread over three days at the scenic hillside Mahatma ­Residential School in Alagar Koil, Madurai, would be etched in the ­memory of 56 students from 12 ­colleges . They were part of a RYLA programme organised by RC Madurai West, D 3000.


“We learnt team management through games riddled with brain teasers. I personally got to know how to synchronise personal and team goals,” says  T Ramanathan (21) from Madura College who was crowned ‘Mr RYLA.’

It was an ­exercise in ­building self-esteem, creative ­thinking, ­heritage ­values and leadership skills, the highlight being ­‘experimental ­learning’ through management games and ­activity that taught ­participants how to optimise energy to achieve their dreams. Deepak, a ­facilitator from National Adventure and ­Leadership School, Coimbatore, gave a peek into the intricacies of group dynamics and how leadership traits can be effectively implemented for better results.

A campfire opened the gateway for the collegians to showcase their skills and trekking on the Alagar Koil hills offered a mix of fun and adventure.

Summing up the mood, ‘Ms RYLA’ M Kalaivani (23) from ­Agricultural College says that the camp taught her to express her views confidently in a group and has boosted up her self-confidence. Pilot Faculty T Ravee and RYLA ­Chairman Ravi Paarthasarathy coordinated the event. It was curtains with parting tips from PDG R Rajaram.

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