Letters to the Editor – May 2023

A fitting tribute to Naushad

The article on music ­composer Naushad was one of S R ­Madhu’s best tributes to those who contributed to Hindi film music. It is easy to write a tribute about Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi. But it takes a lot of effort to bring out the genius of Naushad or Khayyam.

I am looking forward to the author’s write-up on Khayyam which I hope Rasheeda would commission him to write!

Sampath Kumar, former editor The Hindu Businessline

It is commendable that in the April issue, President ­Jennifer Jones gave her column to an ­Interactor-turned Rotaractor Anniela ­Carracedo, 18, who was a Rotary Youth Exchange student from ­Venezuela to the US. She recalled the challenges faced by her during the pandemic period. Also, her account of the online Interact meetings she conducted during that time, in which 5,000 Interactors from 80 countries participated, was interesting. The vision for youth presented by her is worth emulating by both Interactors and Rotaractors.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

An inspiring project

The April edition of Rotary News is really inspirational, with so many positive stories on the expanding horizon of Rotary. Project Surya which lit up tribal homes in Wai is a great Rotary success story which will boost our public image.

The tribal population across the country is embroiled in various difficulties, as many live without even basic amenities. In the Wai taluk, Rotarians, by the simple act of installing solar lamps and street lights, have protected the tribals from wildlife.

The feedback from the beneficiaries after the installation is moving. The decision to expand the midday meal programme, thus directly influencing the needy, is the best way to implement a project and it is a role model for all Rotarians to connect directly with the masses through meaningful action. Hope such incredible deeds of clubs take Rotary into each and every house of our country.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — D 3204

In the March issue, President Jones wrote about her experience of meeting with Japanese tea master Genshitsu Sen, who helped charter RC Kyoto-South, a past president of RC Kyoto and past governor of RID 2650, Japan. She found Sen a remarkable person and an honour to meet. Every month, Jones talks about Rotarians in countries she visits who had excelled in ‘Service above Self’. Her meetings with selfless Rotarians across the world help us to know more about Rotary in general and those who have contributed to its growth.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul — D 3000

Where hate still reigns

I just went through the March ­editorial titled When love defeats hate, which is nicely written and with interesting facts. Well said!

I am from RC Chikmagalur, RID 3182, and our club has 87 members. We have two whatsapp groups — one as a Rotary club and the second as ‘Unofficial Rotary’, Unfortunately, in the ‘unofficial group all Muslim Rotarians are kept out. In this regard, your editorial is an eye-opener. I don’t know how many of our club Rotarians have gone through it, but wish they all do!

G L Venkatesh Murthy, RC Chikmagalur — D 3182

A well-compiled April issue


It was a pleasure to go through the April 2023 issue of Rotary News, more so because there is an article about our club project in it. I always enjoy going through the magazine for two reasons: one, its beautiful and attractive presentation and second, excellent articles with great content both for Rotarians and non-Rotarians. This issue is no exception. The article India’s Northeast fascinates youth exchange students is excellent. It was great to know that Pune Rotarians took the trouble of taking the RYE students to the Northeast and exposed them to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

RI President Jennifer Jones loaning her column to RYE student Anniela Carracedo and the launch of Rotary Youth Network programme was something out of blue. It made an interesting reading.

Finally, I was touched by the beautiful coverage of legendary music composer Naushad. Although I knew that he was a great music composer — I love his compositions — I never had an idea of the ­phenomenal ­number of hit compositions he has delivered from the 1940s to the 60s. Coming from such a humble background, his contribution to the Indian music industry is breathtaking. It was a great experience to read about him.

Though many times I have wondered why a Rotary magazine should be publishing articles on people not connected with Rotary, now I feel that it is a good practice which makes the magazine more interesting, readable and enriching.

My compliments to the editor and other writers for setting a high standard.

Narayana Shagrithaya, RC Mumbai Bhandup — D 3141

I was delighted to see the photo of a girl student from a rural school at a Yadhumanaval session, a project of RI District 3212 to empower girls, as the cover photo of the April issue depicts so beautifully. I really appreciate this district’s great work to empower girls and enable them to face any challenges that lie ahead in their lives. The work of motivating young girls to combat low self-esteem by RID 3212 and DG Muthu is praiseworthy. The Editor’s note Nari Shakti: Myth and reality depicts clearly the importance of gender equality and support from society which is critical for the empowerment of women.

RID Mahesh Kotbagi explains the necessity of planting trees to make our world cleaner and greener, while RID A S Venkatesh stresses the importance of flexibility in meeting the expectations of Rotarians of different calibre. TRF trustee chair Ian Riseley motivates Rotarians to love nature and preserve its beauty.

All other articles like Panchayat school students build a telescope, Rotary trains women drivers, India’s Northeast fascinates youth exchange students, HIV infected meet their soulmates, An MHM project for slum women, RID 3000 Rotarians help quake victims inTurkey, and An inclusive music fest are read worthy. Also, delighted to read the article about Naushad, the Kohinoor of Bollywood music. Club Hop photos and illustrations are excellent. As a whole April edition is superb.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Many congratulations for the rich content in the April issue. I thoroughly enjoyed all the articles! Every picture in this issue is such a happy picture.

I always read the editorial and am inspired by the editor’s style of expression… straight from the heart. I see myself in the last paragraph of Nari Shakti.

The LBW column by T C A Srinivasa Raghavan is one page that I never miss. What a subtle sense of humour! Thank you, team Rotary News.

Chandrika Raghu, Inner Wheel — D 318

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