Letters to the Editor – November 2023

A model Rotary project

With unwavering commitment and service projects worth ₹51 lakh, RC Nilgiris has made an indelible mark on the Bettati village community in the Nilgiris. The impact they have had on the students and society as a whole is awe inspiring. The Panchayat Union Middle School has been transformed into a beacon of hope for the young minds of this rural community. The transformation they’ve ignited within the students and the society at large serves as an example of how Rotary clubs can usher in lasting change. Headmistress Radha Krishnaraj and her team deserve high praise.

Bipan Sethi, RC Ahmedgarh — D 3090

I was moved by the September editorial titled I have a dream. It is amazing how changing the environment of a school has helped children to have ambitions and nurture dreams. I am a fan of your writing Rasheeda, whenever I read something you have written, I really find it very interesting. In fact, the whole of Rotary News makes a great reading, and I keep recommending it to non-Rotarian friends as well.

Neena Sondhi, RC Jalandhar South — D 3070

Education is the key

RID Anirudha Roychowdhury’s views on basic education and literacy are appealing and impressive (Sept issue). When he says that 775 million people, that is 17 per cent of the global population are illiterate, we are able to understand the dire need for organisations like Rotary to help. Rotary clubs must design an ­appropriate plan of action to provide education and build a developed society.

R Srinivasan, RC Bangalore J P Nagar — D 3191

RI President Gordon McInally has rightly said that as ­people of action, Rotarians must create hope in the world to avoid war. He gives the example of Rotarians from ­Pakistan and India meeting at the ­Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara. Hope both ­governments draw inspiration from his words and work towards peace and prosperity among people of South Asia.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

It was with a great sense of pride that I read the story about the women prisoners and the work done by RC Bilaspur. I congratulate ­Hamida ­Siddiqui for successfully ­conducting this project. What joy and hope the project would have created for the prisoners, especially the ­children. This is certainly one-of-a-kind project. My heart bled when I read about the plight of the women prisoners. Thank you for writing this article.

Sajan Suresh, RC Kalpetta — D 3204

An excellent article on Laxmikant-Pyarelal

The feature on Laxmikant-Pyarelal is lovely with interesting nuggets of information on their personal lives and musical journey. It is amazing to see a certain degree of freshness in every piece written by S R Madhu. It is more than mere writing; he has ‘composed’ the article with his pen. This quote from Shakespeare, ‘Age does not wither nor custom stale her infinite variety’ aptly describes his writing.

Sampath Kumar, former editor, The Hindu Businessline

I express my gratitude on behalf of our DG Ghanshyam Kansal and all the 2,500 Rotarians of RID 3090 for a good coverage of our Interact clubs in the October issue, and thank Kiran Zehra for the write-up. I really appreciate your policy of giving a balanced coverage based on merit for Rotary events across India.

Manik Raj Singla, Interact chair, RID 3090

Congrats to IPP Jayashree from RC Rajgurunagar, RID 3131, for distributing 170 sewing machines and masala mixers to women who had lost their husbands during the Covid pandemic at a cost of ₹20 lakh, as mentioned in the article Helping women and tribals. The club also provided solar lamps to tribals in a valley which did not have roads and lights.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

RC Delhi North’s installing a Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator at the Cosmos Institute of Mental and Behavioural Sciences (Sept issue) is a great venture. Club president Raj Gopal Rangwala deserves laurels.

Ashok Jindal, RC Nabha Greater — D 3090

Whenever I receive Rotary News, I start reading from the last page. That’s because of the LBW ­column by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan. His articles are funny and relevant and give immense pleasure. Then I go to the beginning of the magazine… to read the very relevant and interesting Editor’s note by Rasheeda Bhagat.

Guru Dutt N K, RC Dombivli East — D 3142

The cover story, RC Nilgiris ­creates a model government school, in the September issue is ­well-written detailing the various aspects of the ­initiatives taken by the club in giving a new face to the dilapidated school in Bettati. Going through the article gave me profound joy.

S N Shanmugam, RC Panruti — D 2981


A touching cover story


Lalita Anant might have been inspired by the gurukulam concept to impart knowledge to students with the concept of ‘Sky above and the mud below’. She has sought to help the younger generation indulging in worthless activities, and left a well-paying job to educate poor children, supported by her spouse Hatim. Congratulations to them. With all humility she says ‘We are nobody, we are only instruments of a higher power.’ Thank you Rasheeda for the excellent coverage of this extraordinary school.

V R T Dorairaja, RC Tiruchirapalli — D 3000

An exemplary Rotary club ­president, Lalita Anant’s open sky school gives many helpless ­children hope of a bright future. The children and youth who were ­wasting their life in gambling and smoking were brought under her care. There are amazing success stories of youngsters now in well-paying jobs. Surely this is more than a university! Lalita is the epitome of our motto, Service Above Self. The coverage is refulgent and deserving.

Tomi Eapen, RC Alleppey — D 3211

The cover photo in the October issue of a child studying in the open sky school run by the president of RC Indore Adarsh is touching, and the story is inspiring. All the photos are colourful. The Editor’s Note explains well how a single individual’s passion and persistence paved the way to progress for many youngsters. RI President Gordon McInally explains how Rotary clubs can do wonders to preserve mental health in people around the world .

RID Raju Subramanian focused on economic and community development which creates hope in the world. Trustee chair Barry Rassin recalls the tireless work of ­Pakistani health worker Bibi Marjana. All other articles are worth reading and reflect the good work of Rotarians. On the whole, the October magazine is another excellent issue.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

In her article, Where magic happens with open sky education, Rasheeda Bhagat explains how Lalita Sharma’s excellent open-to-sky school has helped underprivileged children. In rural areas ­children still have to sit and study under the open sky, as there is a constant fear of falling roof at dilapidated school buildings. This project shows that dedicated teachers can work wonders even under the open sky.

RI President McInally talks about the Pakistani government taking an important step, creating hope for peace, by admitting Indian pilgrims to the Kartarpur Gurudwara.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

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