Letters to the Editor – March 2018

Hampi’s glory

In the article on Hampi, the writer states this was the second richest city in the world after Vatican in the 15th century AD. Well, who were the Western historians who visited both Hampi and Vatican in that era and came to such a conclusion? If ­someone does research on the most prosperous region in the world in that era, it is possible to find that that Vijayanagara was richer than Vatican in that period.

Dr K Prasanna (non-Rotarian)

A collector of Rotary News!

I have been a Rotarian for the last 20 years and a past president of RC ­Puttur East. I’m obsessed with ­collecting Rotary News for the last 20 years. I always read your ­Editorials and like them very much.

Pramila Rao, RC Puttur East — D 3181

Right mattress matters

The article on the quality of ­mattresses opened new vistas in this untouched subject and threw light on the need to select the right mattress and cot for our wellbeing and to awake fresh the next morning. I look forward to more such valuable, scientific and educative articles.

Ashok Jindal, RC Nabha Greater — D 3090

The article on mattresses was very interesting. In India soft spring mattresses are good to sleep on but natural latex mattresses are more ­preferred as people not only use them for ­sleeping, but also working, ­reading, watching TV and even ­eating! Plus, natural latex gives the body ­optimum support. Big hotels prefer soft spring mattresses but foam mattresses are not advisable in the Indian tropical climate.

The January issue had ­amazing content right from its Editorial, which says solutions for problems lie within you and the 4-Way Test is not to be just put up on a wall. While RI Director C Basker says “make others speak well about you,” and wants a complaint- free Rotary, the lead article stresses on team work.

Usha Saboo’s excellent ­proposition to cut out ­extravaganza, lavish food and costly gifts at Rotary events is ­noteworthy. And finally, PRIP Raja Saboo’s ­well-thought out 10-point ­leadership message… all this has made this issue a collector’s item.

Piyush Doshi, RC Belur — D 3291

Great article on Paul Netzel

The article Money was never my priority (Feb issue) was ­excellent. It’s always great to get the inside story of a great humanitarian. Paul ­Netzel and his lovely wife are amazing people.

Shirley Downie, RC Eclub of  Southern Africa — D 9400

A true gem

I welcome Usha Saboo’s views on cutting out extravaganza in Rotary, as this sends the wrong message and spoils its image. She says recognise only those who render extraordinary service, and sent Diwali sweets to jawans in freezing Himalayas. I don’t exaggerate when I call this lady a gem and say: ‘Hats off to her!’

G V Sayagavi, RC Davanagere Vidyanagara — D 3160

Indian Rotarians will agree with PRIP Kalyan Banerjee’s view of ­appointing TRF Trustees, instead of electing them as Paul Netzel wants. The successful conduct of the KL ­Institute was another feather in the cap of PDG R Theenachandran. Mala Basker “was delighted by the ­enthusiasm and ­commitment of the partners.” The RID’s dream of ­achieving 1.25 ­million members in our zones and a target of $50 ­million in TRF collections by 2025 will be pursued by Indian Rotarians with dedication. It is commendable that Usha Saboo sent Diwali sweets to our jawans in Siachen. She should extend this gesture to jawans during Ramzan and Christmas too. Raja Saboo’s 10-point message to Rotary leadership offers valuable tips.

Happy to read about the tour by Anns and Annets from the Rotary Club of Kanpur to Amritsar.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

The December issue is excellent and full of educative articles. The cover photo In Tagore’s footsteps is ­beautiful. The column Meet your ­Governors is useful; the attitude of DG Ravi ­Choudhary towards membership is an eye-opener. Once again, congrats to Editor in editing and despatching this colorful magazine every month on time.

N Dhanapala Panicker, RC Kundara Central — D 3211

The December issue was attractive and meaningful. The Editor’s decision to visit small clubs and highlight their projects/events such as the small Agartala club hosting an international seminar with 800 delegate is welcome. This will motivate smaller clubs to work in the areas of health, education and environment.

While Foundation Trustee Chair Paul Netzel charts out a well-defined partnership in PPP models, PRIP Kalyan Banerjee tells parents of ­students in exchange programmes that losing a school year is okay vis-à-vis the unique experience they get.

PC Sanghi, RC Jaipur, Bapu Nagar — D 3054

Rotaract News

I congratulate you and your team for bringing out Rotaract News. Often, we don’t notice the wonderful projects being done by these future Rotarians. By proper grooming they can achieve wonderful things in Rotary in the future.

Subhasish Chatterjee, 3240 District Webmaster

An extensive and nice coverage of the KL Institute. I felt as if I was at the KL event.

V G Deodhar, RC Nashik — D 3030

The message of having conversations with ­non-Rotarians instead of speeches as stated by the two gurus in the article Straight talk… with ­philosophical sprinkling (Jan issue)was good. Swami ­Sukhabodhananda’s message was apt and extremely inspiring.

Saboo’s 10-point message on leadership gave me a new insight and knowledge about Rotary.

Dineshchand Mehta, RC Pali — D 3054

Fabulous Feb issue!


I don’t have the patience to wait till I get the hard copy of Rotary News and hence access the ­magazine online. The ­February issue is amazing as usual with many comprehensive articles, the ­editorial and ­messages from RI President and RID. ­Regular ­reading of the ­magazine has ­broadened our perspective on Rotary and articles of ­general nature are interesting too. Kudos to the Editorial team for the ­excellent content in each issue.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

Greetings from Rotary ­Bangalore Indiranagar and congratulations on yet another fabulous issue. A video link to the cover story The fashion guru and the ideawale baba would have enhanced this interesting article.

Gopinath N, RC Bangalore Indiranagar — D 3190

Congrats for bringing out Rotary News with content rich in quality and ­quantity. The articles and reports are ­impressive and motivating. I congratulate PDG Kishor Kedia, D3030 and RC ­Amravati Midtown for its mobile mammography project.

N Sarat Chandra Menon, Kollam

Each and every page of this issue is so ­colourful that it has turned out to be a ­masterpiece in all respects. The peppy and frank conversation the two stalwarts, fashion guru Yuvraj Singh and ‘ideawale baba’ Zaheer Khan of Indian cricket, had with Vikram Sathaye are inspiring. The trauma and pain, grit and the silent suffering hidden in a ­celebrity, as highlighted by you, in the ­Editor`s Note, is an eye opener. You have educated us on all events of the month, though Colours at IA has ­stolen the show. Congrats to ­Editor and her team for coming out with such a fantastic issue.

Col Gopinathan, RC Wadakanchery — D 3201

The article Ensure ­continuity of leadership has many ­important suggestions, and RI Director John Matthews says that while serving others, “what really happens is an improved and better you”. He says we should ensure ­continuity between IPDG, DG, DGE and DGN, but similar ­continuity is required at the club-level too as many projects go haywire due to leadership change. ­Permanent club committees having ­senior leaders should be formed for important projects having a ­long-term impact on society. In our club we start all meetings with an informative talk being given by a senior member.

V K Bansal, RC Delhi Uptown — D 3012


In the January issue, many pages were devoted to photographs of RI officials, PDGs, etc in ­different attires and moods at Kuala ­Lumpur. Every month 7–8 pages are used to publish “glamour” in Rotary rather than service projects. In the last two years despite ­reporting good, ­innovative projects from my club, not a single event has been published in this elite ­magazine. If glamour is reduced, then ­service activities of more clubs can be accommodated. I understand that the final decision is yours, but sometimes this is disheartening.

Dr Bindu Shirsath, RC Ahmednagar Priyadarshini — D 3132

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