Let us rededicate ourselves to TRF


While Rotarians are at the heart of Rotary, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is the backbone of Rotary. Much of the good work in Rotary is possible because of TRF. The programmes of TRF benefit millions; providing water to thirsty, food to hungry, medicines to sick, education to illiterate, shelter for homeless. The Rotary Foundation is the shining jewel in Rotary’s crown.

One of the greatest opportunities for Rotarians to work for peace is through the programmes of TRF. Helen Keller was blind. She was once asked by a reporter, “Miss Keller, is there anything worse than being blind?” She said, “Yes, having sight but no vision.” It is The Rotary Foundation, through its programmes and the good work that it does, that provides a forward looking vision to Rotary to make our dream of a better world come true.

As the new Rotary year begins, it is time to recommit ourselves to the Foundation. The 3rd Programmes of Scale application process has begun. These support a competitive grant process resulting in one award of $2 million from TRF that is distributed over a 3–5 year period to a club or ­district-sponsored project showing success and readiness to expand to help more people in more places. The larger grant investment enables Rotary members to make an even greater impact in our areas of focus.

Over several years, more programmes are developed to create sustainable, impactful change with measurable results. The 2022–23 Programmes of Scale competitive grant application is open till August 1, 2022. I encourage clubs and districts of our zones to consider participation in this much-needed activity. Link – https://my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/programs-scale-grants.

As we imagine what Rotary should be, can be and will be in 2022–23 let us rededicate to supporting our Rotary Foundation. Lead The Way to ensure Rotary Making a Difference.

Dr Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee, 2022–26

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