Jaipur Rotary’s show of solidarity

In a significant display of solidarity and fellowship, five Rotary clubs of District 3054 — Jaipur Metro, Jaipur East, Jaipur Heights, Jaipur Mahanagar and Jaipur City — had their joint installation with the chief guest RIDE Dr Bharat Pandya administering the oath to the newly-elected presidents and secretaries.

Over 250 Rotarians along with family members were present on the occasion. Pandya, in his address, urged Rotarians to take up “service projects and be the inspiration for all to serve the society.” He praised the clubs for showing such unity and expressed confidence they would repeat such joint installations in future too.

RIDE Bharat Pandya with the new presidents and secretaries of five Rotary clubs in Jaipur.
RIDE Bharat Pandya with the new presidents and secretaries of five Rotary clubs in Jaipur.

K L Jain, the senior-most Rotarian of D 3054, was the event chairman and was assisted by co-convener D S Bhandari, charter president of RC Jaipur Metro. Thirty-five new members were inducted by the five clubs on the occasion and a few service projects were also announced.

Pandya distributed uniforms and school kits to 300 schoolchildren, a project undertaken by RC Jaipur Metro. While RC Jaipur Mahanagar installed a water cooler in a district court at Bani Park.

An MoU was signed between RC Jaipur Heights and Shyam Nagar Vikas Samiti to set up a Physiotherapy and Dialysis Centre at a cost of ₹2 crore. RC Jaipur City promised to take up a tree plantation drive on either side of Drayavati River during this Rotary year.

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