Helping women and tribals

Solar lamps being distributed to villagers.
Solar lamps being distributed to villagers.

Sewing machines and masala mixers, each worth ₹15,000, were given by RC ­Rajgurunagar, RID 3131, to 170 women who had lost their husband during the Covid pandemic to help them earn a regular income working from home. The project cost was ₹20 lakh.

The club has done over 30 ­projects that had benefitted the tribal families and vulnerable groups in the ­community, said IPP Jayashri Padwal. Reaching out to tribal hamlets, the club donated solar lights worth ₹1.2 lakh to 120 families across 11 villages who were living without electricity and faced many hardships in their daily chores.

Fifteen multipurpose solar sets and two solar street lamps were provided to a remote village located deep in the Sahyadri valley at a total cost of ₹50,000. “There is no road, light, school or medical facility in this tribal village,” said Jayashri. As students were sitting on the floor at a zilla parishad school in one of the villages, “we donated 50 desk-benches worth
₹3.5 lakh.” IPDG Anil Parmar was present at the event. Umbrellas and school bags were gifted to the students.

Under Project Green India ­Campaign, 600 cotton bags stitched by underprivileged women were distributed to the public.

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