Growth is the only constant

Our mantra for 2019–20 is Grow Rotary. So let’s allow our members to choose their own experience; a full-on engagement; or, specially for younger members, what best suits them.

Let’s attract new members and ensure loyalty by providing personalised opportunities and focusing on multi-generation outreach. Let’s not limit our target to only the Millennials. What about GenX, and Baby Boomers. The youngest of these are now in their 50s, and part of the workforce. But it’s important to nurture a relationship with every age group in Rotary.


Strategies to attract these groups:

Baby boomers respond better to traditional techniques, may not understand social media marketing and tend to respond to phone conversations and face-to-face meetings. To reach them, create live, in-person events with opportunities to network and mingle.

Generation X is more rules-oriented and appreciates an accepted set of engagement rules. They love humour. Focus on building a relationship through human interactions, via live events and emails.

Millennials appreciate the Internet and build authentic relationships through social media. They trust reviews, love supporting a cause and live on their smartphones. For them, create content that looks great on smaller screens. Offer sharable digital experiences.

Gen Z and Rotaractors are the masters of social media, lured to video mediums such as Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. Like the Millennials, they are mobile-first, and expect content with a mobile viewing experience. Gen Z has short attention spans and places a premium on getting information quickly and easily. Focus on providing innovative and intuitive tech experiences.


New trends to attract new members:

YouTube has been around for over a decade but less than 9 per cent use it. It still has over a billion or a third of Internet users. Your target members should be here; and you as well. Those who prefer Facebook to YouTube should know a video on social media generates 1,200 per cent more shares. People enjoy video because it’s snackable, easy to consume, and visually-engaging. Create videos of your activities and post them on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Start incorporating these trends now to remain competitive with other organisations, improve your member satisfaction and reduce churn.

Kamal Sanghvi
RI Director, Zones 5 and 6

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