Facilitating the last journey

The Rotarians of RC Nellore, D 3160, have constructed a modern crematorium spread across 2.5 acres of land on the banks of river Penna at ­Nellore.  The crematorium, named as ‘Khailash Bhoomi’, has facilities for lighting six pyres at a time.

“Previously there was no proper place for cremation at this place. People used to burn the pyre on the banks of the river. This was ­causing lot of hygiene and environmental issues,” says Y Jagannadham, past president of the club. “Also, we felt that the last journey of a human being should be respectable whether he is rich or poor, well-educated or illiterate.”

Khailash Bhoomi, the crematorium built by RC Nellore.

The total cost was about Rs 60 lakh and the funds were raised by ­Rotarians, along with public ­donations. The ­crematorium was opened up to the public on January 28 in the presence of the Mayor of Nellore Corporation Abdul Aziz and District Joint Collector Intiaz Ahmad.

“The facility is run on a ­non-profit basis and is now being used by ­people of Nellore town and ­surrounding ­villages by paying Rs 1,500 for ­performing the entire ­cremation rites,” says ­Jagannadham. He is a retired civil engineer who supervised the entire ­construction work.

People can also avail lockers ­provided at the premises for ­storing the burnt ashes and bones after the ­cremation process. There are ­provisions for subsequent ­immersion of the ashes in the river near the ­facility. Two freezer boxes are also available at the crematorium.

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