DGs’ Review meet

District Governors with RID C Basker and regional leaders Sam Patibandla, E K Sagadhevan, Rajadurai G Michael and Vijay Jalan.

A review meeting was held to analyse the performance of the District Governors of Zones 4, 5 and 6A by Director C Basker in Kodaikanal in March. The meeting took stock of the districts’ achievement in key areas such as membership, TRF giving, contribution for polio, progress in improving the public image of Rotary and maintenance of district accounts.

In the opening session, Basker summed up the various districts’ performance and said while all the districts were “doing their best” in taking the performance of Rotary in our zones to an impressive level, he stressed the need for the Governors to keep their teams focused and enthused to close the Rotary year on a “memorable note”.

According to RID 3190 DG Suresh Hari, Regional and Zone leaders presented the analysis of their zones. While Rotary Coordinators Rajendra Rai and Ashok Gupta made a presentation on membership trends, EMGAs Ashok Panjwani and Sam Patibandla gave a report on the status of Endowments and Major Gifts. RRFCs Avinash Potdar and Vijay Jalan summed up the districts’ performance so far on TRF contributions and RPICs Ashish Desai and Rajadurai G Michael talked about the progress and the efforts made in improving Rotary’s public image.

Right: RID C Basker addressing the delegates at the Review Meet.
Right: RID C Basker addressing the delegates at the Review Meet.

Jatinder Singh from RISAO made a presentation on district accounts and Sanjay Parmar, RISAO, talked about TRF contributions and other matters related to the Foundation. A presentation on polio contribution was made by PDGs E K Sagadhevan and Keshav Kunwar.

DG Suresh Hari made a presentation on the proposed ‘Peace Drive’ planned during June 2019 from Kanyakumari to the Attari border in Punjab, where a couple of representative Rotarians from both India and Pakistan will exchange Rotary flags. A Peace Monument or Tower will be erected at both the starting and concluding points, the design for which was shared. This is a pet project of Rotarian D Ravishankar, President of RC Bangalore Orchards and a major donor to TRF.

Concluding the meet, ­Director Basker thanked the DGs for ­promising to put their best foot ­forward and revisit their goals on various fronts.

RID 3000 DG R V N Kannan played host for the meeting.

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